Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Widget!

New Widget!

Hey guys! I've recently put up my brand new widget, after a very long wait. But nevertheless, it's up and ready to be used! Actually, I'm helping test the new widget before it is released to other AFSers to put on their blogs! :) As an incentive for helping out, AFS has promised to match every donation I receive (that's not from an immediate family member) up to $250! (But each donation has to be less than $50.) 

How far are you from your goal?

I am about $3,561 from having my entire tuition! :) And I'm really excited. I am just waiting on a check from Applebee's from when they did a Dine-to-Donate for me in April. I'm so close to my goal! Thank-you to everyone who has helped me every all way, shape, and form! 

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