Thursday, March 14, 2013

How's Your Fundraising Going?

How's Your Fundraising Going?

It's coming along great! I've got a Dine-to-Donate on April 2nd, 2013 at Apple-bee's! And hopefully, that will help a lot in raising my tuition. El Salto is also doing a Dine-to-Donate the week after on April 9th, and the week after that Culver's is doing on as well.  My parents and I are also having another raffle from March 14th through March 31st! We're raffling off three Cubs tickets as a first price and a $20 Walmart gift card as a runner-up price! I really hope all of this will help to push me over the edge to my goal of $12,500!

How far away are you from your goal?

I am a little under $5000 away from my entire tuition! It's so wonderful. I'm super thankful to everyone who donated and to everyone who's been so helpful with fundraising! 

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