Sunday, February 3, 2013

How's Your Application Going?

How's Your Application Going?

The application is going super well! I got an email back saying to revise my application and resubmit it, and that's all done now! I resubmitted my application on Thursday the 31st, and now I just have to wait to hear back again. I've also scheduled my in-home interview for the 24th of February! And the greatest news of all is that I've received my passport in the mail! It arrived yesterday, and I've already sent a copy of it to AFS for my application!

An In-home Interview?

Yep! An in-home interview. The interview is basically to get to know me and my family better in our normal environment. It's also to help place me in a host family that will be suitable for me. I'm kind of excited about the interview because it gives me a chance to ask any questions that I have or that my parents have. 


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