Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How's Fundraising Going?

How's Fundraising Going?

It's going great! My mom and I finally decided to do an raffle. The auction is going to be for a Black, 16GB, iPad 2 (new of course). We're going to sell raffle tickets the 1st of February through the 15th. The tickets will be $20 for 1 ticket, $30 for 2 tickets, and $100 for 7 tickets. I'm hoping this generates a lot of revenue for my trip! I'm hoping to raise at least $300 (after the cost of the iPad has been subtracted out). That would be a great thing! 

How's your auction going?

It's also going great! So far, I've raised $116 with it! But the auction isn't quite over yet; it ends tomorrow at 5pm (CPT)! I'm really glad my first auction is going really well, in my opinion. I was kind of afraid it wasn't going to do very well, but so far so good! 


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