Thursday, October 17, 2013

Japan Update!

Japan Update!

So this week has certainly been a busy week for me! Last Saturday and Sunday, I stayed with another host family (just for the weekend) and enjoyed the Kanuma Harvest Festival that was going on. It was definitely a lot of fun! Saturday, the other two AFSers in my area and I met our host families for the weekends and went to the festival later that evening. On Sunday, my host family took me to a Japanese amusement park before meeting up again with the other AFSers and their families to enjoy the second day of the festival. Also on Sunday, the other AFSers and I got to be in the parade and helped pull one of the large floats! It was very hard work, but absolutely thrilling. The next day, Monday (we didn't have school because of the national holiday), we left our host families and headed to a bit outside of Utsunomiya to help harvest rice. That was also a lot of fun! It wasn't as hard as I had imagined, but it definitely wasn't easy! On Wednesday, we had a massive typhoon which delayed my school until after 1pm. Everything was alright though, and it wasn't all that bad. Thursday (my school didn't have school Thursday and Friday), my host mother and other host sister took me to the Nikko Festival held at the Toshogu shrine. It was completely different from the one held in Kanuma! But at both, I enjoyed myself. It's been a busy week so far, and next week will be even busier! 

Next Week?

This upcoming week, the other two AFSers and I are switching schools and going to the Kanagawa prefecture for one week. We all leave tomorrow morning to take the train together, and we won't be returning until next Sunday. I'm looking very forward to seeing how this school differs from the one I go to now. I know it will be a lot of fun, especially going to the same school as the other exchange students!

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