Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Are Things Going?

How Are Things Going?

Things are coming along nicely! So far, with everything I've sold, I've raised $535! It's getting there! Of course, this is without the generous donations in count. (P.S. Thanks to each and everyone who's donated and who's thinking of donating!) I need to raise the complete $900 deposit for my application (without the widget donations; *the widget donations go to my total tuition.) before I can send in my application. It's a lot of work but it's worth every bit of it! 

How's your application coming along?

Oh goodness! It's a bigger task than I imagined. I'm progressing very quickly with it though! I only have a few things left to complete on it! I just have to send in my request form for a passport, finish my self introduction, and upload the parent statement my dad had to write about me. After all of that's complete, then I'm fully on my way towards the magnificent country called Japan! 

Will you continue your blog in Japan?

Of course I will! And I will try to upload as many pictures as I can when I'm there! That way all of you can experience my adventure as well!

Don't forget that I'm always open to any questions you guys have! :) Just comment on a post and I will absolutely answer back as soon as possible! Thanks once again!
~Arigato Gozaimasu~ 

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