Thursday, January 24, 2013



Things are going along nicely! Got a report back from AFS about my widget with a list of the people who donated, (Thanks you guys!) and now I'm filling out Thank-You cards like crazy! It's great though; I'm happy to thank each and everyone who donates (and even any one who thought to donate) individually! And I finally got an online auction up to help raise money that way. That's going nicely as well. It started Wednesday, and already I've raised $91! Wow! I've got a few more ideas for fundraising that I'm excited for as well.

What are these ideas?

Goodness! Where to start? My (fabulous) mother came up with an idea for a raffle. We're not sure what to raffle off yet, but we picked up the tickets for it!  Unsure of when it will be, but it shall be soon! (Probably in February) And I've got an idea for having a Japanese-style dinner. I could sell tickets for it and serve traditional Japanese dishes (that'd I cook, of course!). I even have chopsticks I could use for the dinner as well! I could explain the dishes and (or) the culture and why I want to study in Japan. Details need to be worked out, of course, but an idea is a great start! 

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