Thursday, January 10, 2013

What's New?

What's new?

Lots of things are new! I've finally got the widget up on my blog for people to donate to! It's fabulous and makes things a lot easier. Just click on the "ChipIn" button on the blue widget and it transfers you to a Paypal link. From there, all you need to do is select an amount to donate and voila!

How much have you raised so far? 

So far, with the few things my mother and I have sold, we've raised $270. It's a small amount compared to the final amount that I need, but it's a stepping stone on the path of success! I've also had a few people donate some money as well, but I haven't unofficially received the donations yet. That's all right though; they'll get here soon enough! 

How else are you raising money?

That's a fabulous question! Along with asking for direct donations, I am asking for any items I could use for an online auction. And as soon as I get approximately twenty items or more for the auction, I am going to set it up! I've got a few things so far, mostly book series. But I'm hoping people will be generous and donate for that either instead or in addition to a monetary donation. Either way, a donation is a donation and I'm very thankful for any donation I get no matter how small or how big it is! And of course, I thank each and everyone who donates immensely! 

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